Respecting to the environment and human being as a principle, we started our production on the way to become the reliable address of food, we continue production in our facility that located Ankara-İstanbul highway’s 26th kilometer. We ensure that our healthy products grown under the supervision of our engineers are delivered to factory as quickly as possible and the crops are presented to consumers without losing the quality and freshness. We produce the highest quality, reliable and delicious foods in the most hygienic environments, which are suitable for the wishes and tastes of our consumers. We deliver jam, honey, halva, tahini, molasses, hazelnut paste, margarine and butter under the guarantee of our brands NATUREM, BALBİRLİK and TATZADE. We develop our productions under the roof of ŞEHERLİ GIDA with research and development and keep the quality of our products at the same standard.

Honey is the most natural antiseptic in the world with many benefits… Production requires patience and understanding of nature. We deliver our filtered flower honey without any additives. We recommend using a wooden spoon while tasting our honey.
Butter is a food that obtained from the fat of cow or sheep milk. You can eat our butter, which is a very important nutrient especially for children in developmental age, by melting it on hot bread.
We collect the highest quality and most beautiful hazelnuts of Black Sea Region in terms of nutritional value for you and we realize our production by using the highest quality cacao. It is a taste that especially children can eat every meal.
In today's bustling city life, anemia is one of the biggest health problems. The most effective treatment for anemia is molasses. The molasses that we obtain by boiling our grapes that are plucked from their branches do not contain any additives.
Tahini, which is rich in vitamins E, C and B, has been proven to prevent memory loss due to aging, especially Alzheimer's. We obtain our tahini by crushing the sesame seeds and then offering them to your table completely natural.
We produce our sourcherry jam from Kütahya cherries, freshly plucked from the branch during the season. We produce our completely natural sourcherry jam without using any additives which you will eat with pleasure because of its consistency, taste and smell. .
We collect best figs from Aegean Region for you and make jam in the right consistency. We bring our Fig Jam, which we produce completely natural and without using any additives, to your tables with its fluid structure and great taste.
We produce Rose Jam by using special roses from Isparta and its region. Our rose jam, which immediately manifests itself with its consistency, smell and naturalness is just like our mothers’ hands.
We produce apricot jam by collecting apricots from Malatya and its surrounding area without using additives. Dense consistency, coarse grains, smell and color of our apricot jam differ from others.
Our Strawberry Jam, which is coarse-grained and contains no additives, is produced by using best strawberries from Mersin and its region. You can eat our Strawberry Jam every meal of the day with peace of mind because it attracts your attention with its smell, consistency and endless taste in the mouth.
We produce our orange jam by using best oranges from Antalya and its region. Our orange jam is a feast of taste for you and your family with its fresh citrus smell and delicious taste.
We produce our blackberry jam from the best blackberries of Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea regions. Our blackberry jam is coarse-grained, fragrant and has a never ending taste in the mouth We recommend you to eat our jam with
We produce raspberry jam by using best raspberries from Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea regions. Raspberry has a lot of benefits for healt such as removing toxins from body and cleansing blood. You do not get enough of eating our raspberry jam.
We collect the most juicy, sweet and quality quinces from all over Anatolia and deliver them to your tables completely natural and without using any additives. You can consume our quince jam at every meal of the day with your family.
Halvah is an important nutrient which provides energy and vigor for human body and also it is filling. When producing our tahini halvah, we attach great importance to healthy hygiene conditions. Our tahini halva does not contain cholesterol.
Halvah is an important nutrient which provides energy and vigor for human body and also it is filling. When producing our tahini halvah, we attach great importance to healthy hygiene conditions. Our tahini halva does not contain cholesterol.
We produce cream halvah especially for our children. Thanks to its practicality, children prefer our cream halvah at every meal. In addition, the nutritional and energy value is very high.
Our Molasses-Tahini mixture product is obtained by mixing tahini and molasses in certain proportions that makes it an energy store. This healthy and delicious dessert is presented with Tatzade guarantee.