Respecting to the environment and human being as a principle, we started our production on the way become the reliable adress of food, we continue production in our facility that located Ankara-İstanbul highway’s 26th kilometer. We ensure that our healthy products grown under the supervision of our engineers are delivered to factory as quickly as possible and the crops are presented to consumers without losing the quality and freshness. We produce highest quality, reliable and delicious foods in the most hygienic environments, which are suitable for the wishes and tastes of our consumers. We deliver jam, honey, halva, tahini, molasses, hazelnut paste, margarine and butter under the guarantee of our brands NATUREM, BALBİRLİK and TATZADE. We develop our production under the roof of ŞEHERLİ GIDA wits research and development and keep the quality of our products at the same standart.